Welcome to Biricha Digital Power

Providing engineers with expert advice on the design of digital switched mode power supplies

We are an established UK based consulting company specialising in hardware, software and control loop design of analog and digital power supplies. We offer a flexible, professional consultancy service tailored to meet your PSU specification, industrial control and embedded software/hardware requirements.

For over 10 years we have provided professional industrial training workshops which now include an extensive portfolio of analog and digital PSU/PFC workshops and seminars aimed at analog power supply designers and embedded systems engineers who need to design power supplies. These excellent workshops utilise bespoke hardware, dedicated PSU design software and teaching material to significantly reduce your development time of both analog and digital power supplies.

For further information and a complete syllabus please visit our workshops page. For more information on our sophisticated power supply design software please visit our WDS page.

Upcoming Workshops

Analog Power Supply Design Workshop
2nd December 2014Wuerth Elektronik, Garching (nr Munich), Germany
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Digital Power Supply Design Workshop
7th October 2014Langenbach (nr Munich), Germany
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11th November 2014Sunnyvale, CA
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Power Factor Correction Workshop
18th November 2014Sunnyvale, CA
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24th February 2015Garching (near Munich) Germany
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Control Theory Seminar
10th November 2014Sunnyvale, CA
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